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Life And Life Only Podcast Episode 6 with Austen Moore

I'm real fan of the Life And Life Only Podcasts that Antony Rotunno does. Firstly he has a very calming voice which is a great asset in itself, and he also delivers all the content in a very natural open style which is great to listen to. But equally, as a guest on his podcast, it made the experience very much like sitting on a sofa with friend for a general chat about life. It kind of makes me think about Socrates and how he just sat down for a coffee with people having a chat.

Anthony had previously watched my appearance on Sonia Poulton's Raw Report on Brand New Tube. He got in touch with me and we chatted about the Raw Report along with many others things. Antony told me about some of his life journey and also his Podcasts, Life And Life Only. I listened to several of them and found them very interesting.

I was delighted when Antony asked me if I'd like to be interviewed on one of his Podcasts. So we set a date for a Zoom call and chatted casually for over an hour. Like I have already said, this was a brilliant interview and it also made me think about how Joe Rogan began his podcasts. The first people who did these said they just went over to his house and sat on his sofa with a coffee. I don't think they realised how big Joe Rogans podcasts would be. They were so used to being in a big studio or having a live audience sat in front of them.

When you listen to Life And Life Only and it's just Antony, in some ways, you're just hearing the inner thoughts of a person on Life. You are hearing his musings, but his musings are interesting, challenging and insightful, even if he doesn't think so himself.

If you'd like to listen to the podcast I was on, then you can listen by clicking on -

If the thought of listening to me is far too much to bare, then I can recommend the rest of Antony's podcasts. Or feel free to listen to mine and comment as you feel, good or bad, but hopefully polite.

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