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Picture from Fear Factor
Filmed in Buenos Aires, Argentina
If I can jump from a moving Speedboat and climb a ladder suspended from a Helicopter then so can you.
I enjoyed taking part in the show with my colleagues and this final stunt was fantastic. Fortunately for me and the rest of us, my time was the fastest so our team won the show.

Fear Factor was a Sky 1 show that challenged peoples fears by creating three challenges that you would need to overcome to be successful. You had no idea what the challenges would be until you arrived each day. I attacked each task with 100% commitment and our team of three were successful in winning this episode of the show.


I believe that everyone is capable of changing if they really want to. The important starting point is that you must want to make the changes. The only person you can truly change is yourself and if any part of a system changes, then the rest of that system has to change in a response. So, if you want the environment around you to change, then focus on changing yourself.


I was born in Cambridge and began my career in Retail and moved across into the Health and Fitness Industry which was always a great passion of mine. I'm a fully qualified International Fitness and Sports Therapist so I can help with all aspects of Fitness and Nutrition.


I'm an NLP Life Skills Coach QCF Level 3 - NCFE License IIQ1620​​

Within business I specialise in Sales, Operations, Marketing and Digital Marketing with a real focus on lead generation for businesses and coaching of sales staff and business owners. 

I was a business consultant for the UK's first Indoor Trampoline Park to help them find their second location for the Bounce brand in Peterborough. As the Consultant Project Manager I was responsible for all aspects of ensuring that the business was ready to open to the public within the planned timescale. This included recruitment of a building contractor and liaising on site to make sure that the build was running according to plan and schedule. I also helped recruit the team and gave coaching support to the Area Manager. I have worked on various projects throughout my career including sourcing a new product from overseas, creating the brand and taking the product to market.


I worked on the Ideal World Shopping Channel for 5 years as a Guest Presenter and Occasional Model and filmed several commercials for them as well. I also competed with a team on Fort Boyard which was great fun and Fear Factor for Sky 1 as mentioned above.


If your are interested in some of my qualifications then please see below- 

  • NLP Life Skills Coach QCF Level 3 - NCFE, License IIQ1620​

  • Google Fundamentals of Digital Marketing Certificate Issued Sep 2018 Credential ID Cert no. AZN 7HX 7GZ

  • Awarded International Fitness & Sports Therapy Student of the Year Cambridge Regional College

  • 1st Degree Black Belt Muay Thai Kick Boxing British Martial Arts Academy​

  • Grade A Restraint & Control Kenpo Go-Shinjitsu Karate​

  • NVQ Level 2 Retail Operations

  • AFOGB Spin Cycling Qualification

  • Tomahawk Spin Cycling Qualification

  • Power Plate Level 1 Trainer

  • Star Trac Service Stars Award for Customer Service

  • Adidas Speed Trainer

  • Nike Speed Agility and Quickness Trainer

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