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A small change in each of us could change the whole world

One of the commonest things I hear is "I'm too old to Change" and if I don't hear that, then it just gets packaged up differently but means the same thing. Such as "It's just the way I am" or "I've done it that way far too long now to change".

These are just limiting beliefs or if you want to be harsher but realistic, then call them excuses, because that is what they are. Change leads to growth and by saying you don't wish to change is saying you don't wish to develop further.

But many people spend a great deal of time complaining about those around them and the world that they exist in. They keep saying that others should change or the world should change.

So I ask this question "Is it easier for you to change everyone around you and the world you live in? Or is it easier to make some small changes to yourself"?

What would happen then if everyone in the world made a small change to some part of themselves? Would this then change the world we all exist in for the better?

We currently treat small changes within ourselves as giant obstacles to be avoided instead of small challenges to be overcome. Asking those around you to change and the world to change for you is either some serious delusions of grandeur or just a way of creating an insurmountable task​​ that gives you a great reason to continue moaning rather than make a change yourself.

If I pluck you from the Sahara Desert and drop you at the North Pole do you expect the weather to change for you? No, you go and find warmth and shelter immediately​​. If you don't make a change quickly, you'll die.​​

I can't tell you that you'll die in a matter of hours if you don't change a certain behaviour. But I can tell you that the world and those around you aren't going to change just for you. So you can keep complaining about it till the day you die or make a change now and start living a fuller, happier life in whatever the environment is that you find yourself in.

See the changes in your mind like the change of clothes that you need to fit the Sahara or North Pole. You may not make either place completely ideal, but you can at least make it as comfortable as possible.

​And if we all did this, the world would change for the better.


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