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Is social media just food for your ego?

If you haven't heard of John Holcroft then you have now. The image is one of his and it really should make you stop and question what really goes through your mind when you use social media.

Are you just building a business, sharing content to people or are you relentlessy logging back in to your account to see how many of your friends have liked what you shared?

We've all seen those posts, the one where someone writes something random like "Totally devestated and heartbroken". But they write nothing about why. Within seconds the comments of concern come pouring in but remain unanswered by the poster. It then appears as if once it reaches an acceptable level of emojis, comments and the wave is slowing to a dribble, a reply emerges!

No, they weren't kidnapped, held to ransom and their phone taken off them so they were unable to respond 6 seconds after the first concerned. It was more working the audience, bit of personal ego PR.


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