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Some People Behave Like Stinging Nettles

Sometimes there are people that you meet in your life who behave like Stinging Nettles.

Most of us have been stung by Stinging Nettles at one time or another, unless you live in a Stinging Nettle free place on this Earth.

So what do I mean when I say that some people behave like Stinging Nettles?

If you've ever been happily minding your own business having a picnic or doing some gardening when you've been stung by some Stinging Nettles; then you'll know that feeling of annoyance at being stung when you were doing no wrong yourself. There is a real feeling of injustice. People can behave in exactly the same way as Stinging Nettles. Unfortunately we often try and treat the behavior of these people in the same way we try to solve the problem of the Stinging Nettle. Which is by chopping the Stinging Nettles down believing that we won't be stung anymore.

This way of trying to prevent being stung by people or Stinging Nettles will not protect us in the long term though as you haven't actually destroyed the roots of the Stinging Nettle that are buried beneath and out of sight. As soon as you cut the Stinging Nettles down, fresh new leaves are already sprouting from the roots below the surface.

Attacking the behaviour of the Nettle or the Human may only serve to prevent you being stung for a short while longer. The root cause is where the solution truly lies.

Identifying a behaviour is something we can all do, it's almost universal. With NLP Life Coaching you are working with people to understand the values and beliefs that drive the behaviour, just like the roots of the Stinging Nettle.


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