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A Force For Good

I recently bought a book called "A Force For Good", The Dalai Lama's Vision Of Our World by Daniel Goleman, who is the author of another fantastic book called Emotional Intelligence.

There is also a website for A Force For Good which is a place where you can make a commitment to carry out a compassionate act of some kind for others. These actions are motivated by a genuine concern for others from all walks of life and anywhere in this world.

It's not just about donating money either. You can run a race, plant something, create art, foster an animal and all sorts of other things. One of my pledges was to let others know about it on Social Media and my Website.

So feel free to visit the page on my website and learn more by following the links to A Force For Good from there which is Austen Moore A Force For Good or you can google it directly and find out more.

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