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Social Media Overload

I read an article once that basically said something along the lines of "Man has become a slave to our Machines/Gadgets".

If you take a look on the internet you will see many variations of this theme with some people talking about machine in general including alarm clocks and such. There are also other articles that feature mobile technology and social media platforms more heavily in this debate.

Whichever of these you choose I think it's fair to say that our Mobile Gadgets and Social Media platforms are no longer working for us, we are working for them. I love watching people and my friends and one friend in particular engages more with his phone when he is with me and others than he does with us. If he is engaging with others then it's usually to share something he has seen on his phone. No longer can we become in the moment, we now have to own the moment by taking a photo.

I've seen other media stories on the stress that technology is causing for some people. Anxiety attacks through being seperated from their mobile devices or stress from a lack of likes for the latest posted selfie.

I've chosen to take back my life from this mobile world. My notifications have been switched off, so that I can chose to look when I wish to look, as opposed to my phone alerting me to everything. Though there isn't much to alert me too any more as I've switched off notifications but also all the alerts to what people are doing on Social Media in the first place. If someone wants to get hold of me in a hurry then it's a call or a text. If it's a message through Facebook, then it may not be seen for a day or two.

So if you want to get your life back to a simple stress free existence without the constant bleep from your phone or smart watch if you are really obsessed, then switch off all your notifications and set yourself a couple of target points in a day when you will choose to look.


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