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Being Liked And Accepted By Others

This is something that many people struggle with internally. The feeling of being misunderstood or not accepted by others for being your true self.

This can lead to manufacturing different personalities to make others like you. If you feel you have to fit in, then it can be very easy to "Give the crowd what they want", as the saying goes. One peice of advice that people give is to be who you are and this advice is very true. But it's difficult to be who you are if you are worried that it won't be accepted.

If you can start to begin with this though, it can lead on to the next step. And this involves being prepared to accept the way that others see us as we truly are. Keep in mind that everyone that you interact with has their own map of the world. They aren't seeing you through your eyes and they aren't seeing you through the same eyes as their friend.

I have experienced first hand hearing feedback from different people about how I was percieved. I could behave in the same way three times in a row with three different people and they may all say something different about how I came across. Friendly, Arrogant and Polite depending on who you spoke too. Now I could decide to feel upset about being described as arrogant and even consider trying to change the way I am around that individual so that they descibe me in the same way as the other two did. Or maybe even just describe me as something more positive than arrogant.

Instead, I choose to accept the way that that person viewed their interaction with me. I didn't feel or recall that I had behaved as arrogant and no one else may have felt I was. But that doesn't matter as I'm happy to accept that the meaning of the message was the response that it elicited. I'm not going to try and become something else to this person because I'm unable to accept how they see me through their eyes.

If you are a lively friendly person who lights up a room, there will always be people that see a negative in that and a positive. If you are someone who is introverted and quiet and likes to keep to the peripheral, there will still be people that see a negative and a positive.

Learn to accept the way that people see you and love yourself for who you are.


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