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Work from somewhere different for a day

I’m currently sat in the Centre of Peterborough in Pret A Manger in the glorious sunshine drinking a Pomegranate & Hibiscus Water while doing my Blog for and my work for the business that I operate which is Talk Twenty 1 Ltd.

I decided yesterday afternoon that I would make my way into the City today and do my work sat in the sun while watching the world go by as a change from the usual routine. A friend of mine is also filming a movie at the Park so I said I’d walk over at 12pm and take a look at what was going on. I have no actual idea what this movie is about, the last one was Zombies and is due for release sometime this year. Via Talk twenty 1 Ltd we may be assisting them with some web support and sales and marketing, though this isn’t confirmed yet but it would great if we could do something.

So why I am sat here instead of at home as usual? For a change, that’s why. Change is good, it makes me see the world from a different perspective just by positioning myself in another working environment for the day.

For example, when I’m at home I don’t get group of older adults celebrating a 75 Birthday next to me or a couple of pigeons wandering around my feet looking for an easy snack. The chair is actually bloody uncomfortable and it isn’t doing my shoulders much good typing like this. But that’s also good, because it will make me appreciate my chair at home all over again. Sometimes change can re-awaken an appreciation for things that you may have taken for granted over time.

At the same time it’s making me think differently. I’m not against having a routine but sometimes you need to move out of the routine or the comfort zone so you can experience new things. It makes me think about my Dad who passed away this year. He would go to Lanzarote on Holiday and would rotate the same 4 restaurants every time he was there. You couldn’t get him to try anything else. 4 places he enjoyed had now become an ingrained routine which prevented him from discovering anything new.

Like I always say “Your favourite place was once a place you didn’t know about”.

Life Coaching and NLP is a way to help facilitate a change, but it’s not there to force changes in someone. You need to identify something that you feel is negatively impacting on your life that you wish to change first. For my Dad, he didn’t discover new restaurants, but at the same time he wasn’t unhappy with where he ate, he was very happy and that’s all that mattered.


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