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Happiness By Design

​I read the book "Happiness by Design" which was written by Paul Dolan. Great book which confirms a great deal of my own thoughts, actions and processes relating to achieving happiness in life. The end of one chapter has a summary which is entitled "Happier by doing" and hopefully Paul Dolan will be happy as well that I am sharing what he has written with you. Maybe it will encourage you to purchase the book, which would be great for Paul but equally great for you, the reader, due to the result increased in happiness which can be achieved with what you could learn.

Anyway, here is the summary I mentioned called "Happier by doing"

Happier by Doing

"It should come as no great surprise to anyone that we are happier when we pay attention to good experiences and to people we like being with. The problem is that we act in ways that make it appear as if this is not at all obvious. There are some simple yet effective things that you can do to reorient your attention to being happier. Buy a few more experiences and a bit less stuff, switch between pleasureable and purposeful activities, and listen to music. make a commitment to spend a little more time each day talking to people you like. And look to to spending a little less time each day glued to your computer or phone. Distractions drain you and leave you feeling tired and less happy, so stay focused on one thing at a time-and stop continually checking those darn e-mails and Facebook updates".


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