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Manipulating a Nation "Face Masks" Covid-19

Updated: May 16, 2021

Journalist Sonia Poulton - The Raw Report

The Raw Report

On the 11th December I was a guest on The Raw Report which is hosted by Sonia Poulton, a writer, broadcaster and social media commentator. Sonias's career is extensive. In fact, she has done so much, including things like tutoring The Spice Girls, you'd be better visiting her website directly to learn more. I have added a link at the bottom of the post for you.

I was the first guest of the evening and we were discussing how the Sage Behavioural Sciences Sub Group and the Government have manipulated the nation. We also talked about the compliance. If you read my previous blog Covid-19 the psychological battle behind the virus, you will remember that I mentioned some of the above as part of the that.

During the interview we touched briefly on the wearing of masks during this pandemic. This is an emotive subject and once again we have a divided nation. But we also have a divided group of people that don't believe in wearing masks and have ended up attacking each other.

On the show I addressed the Masks briefly and I was happy to admit that when required, I wear a Mask. I'm not not wearing a Mask because I believe it will protect me or anyone else from catching Covid-19. I wear it as little as I can for other reasons, one of which I stated briefly on the show. And that was because I don't want the confrontations from other people while I grab some shopping quickly. There are many more reasons, one example, I work with children, so I can't risk a criminal record. It's not compliance related because I follow the rules.

I also take every opportunity available to me to not wear one. If I ask and someone says I don't have to, I don't. Sonia Poulton doesn't wear a mask, she has her own style of non compliance, which is pulling her scarf up to her nose.

This is one of the more aggressive responses to me saying that I wear a mask when I have to. I'm actually quite proud of the fact that I had several to choose from. If people don't speak up, I can't respond, or maybe change their opinion by widening the focus of their spotlight.

Lets analyse this response and each point about Masks

Fisrtly, Resistance Rise can't believe I'm going along with it and I need to grow a backbone myself. And I should stand up to those who challenge me if I believe masks are not needed. The insult part I'm not fussed about, they know nothing about me really and I'm thick skinned growing upwith 2 older brothers. So let's move straight to challenging people. Also, I'm not picking on Resistance Rise, as there were several comments saying similar things. Perhaps I over complicated it, maybe they were sleepy during the interview or I wasn't clearly as engaging as I thought.

If you listened to the whole interview and understood what the government has done to the majority of the public then, you'll have understood "Social Disapproval" along with "All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger".

So the pacifists in our story are the ones not complying with the threat that Covid brings. Thus, they are exposing the country to danger by not wearing masks. The government have convinced people that non compliance is dangerous to everyone around you.

So what will I or you achieve, by delivering on the above by not wearing a mask?

You actually play straight into their hands. So the people that challenge you aren't looking at you like you imagine they are. They don't see a hero, they see a danger, they see you as an embodiment of everything they have been warned about. Which is why you see the government blaming the restrictions on those not following the rules. More of the public turning against those that don't follow the rules. And justification by the public and the government for harsher penalties, harder and longer restrictions. You are giving them everything they need to help continue.

Resistance Rise apparently has never worn a mask, hasn't been challenged but is prepared for when it does. Well done Resistance Rise. But prepared to do what? Have a massive argument in Tesco's with a member of the public or the security guards as they toss you out the store? If you aren't wearing one because you are standing up against the regime and just want to make a stand, great. But if you want everything to end, or for those around you to move across to your way of thinking and remove their masks, it won't happen during a screaming match in a Supermarket. People aren't clapping you behind your back as you walk around, while thinking, wow, what a hero.

As strange as it may seem to some, shouting and arguing with people never seems to successfully change their mind to your way of thinking. For example, Resistance Rise hasn't convinced me to join the cause by throwing insults at me from the get go. Like anyone, I just decide I don't really like you much and I will more than likely ignore everything you say and just avoid you. Resistance Rise could have cut out most of what was written and just put

"I haven't worn a mask once since this began and so far I haven't been challenged. Why not give it a try"?

Finally it finished with me being told not to preach what I don't practice. Again, I'm not bothered as my whole interview was about the government's use of psychological manipulation of fear. So if someone wears a mask to avoid being fined or ejected from a store, then they aren't signed up to the fear of Covid-19 killing everyone via asymptomatic transmission. They are following a law that is no different to wearing a seatbelt. Plus they may also understand all of the above.

So I would never tell anyone not to wear a mask. Because I'm not liable for whatever happens to you if you don't. If I get fined, which I have no defense against, I won't pay and I would end up in court. I will lose. Next DBS check I get may prevent me from carrying out all the good work I do for a Children's Charity. They don't tend to like a criminal record of any kind.

Exemption from wearing a Mask

You can be exempt from wearing a mask if you have a physical or mental health condition that prevents you from wearing one. If you genuinely do then great. But I've seen more people than I care to count using this as an excuse not to wear a mask even when they don't have a condition. This is based on the fact that no one is supposed to challenge you or ask for evidence of your exemption so you can just say exempt.

Will this achieve anything positive? No it won't. People will still look at you as a danger and all the above I wrote will still be the outcome. You won't be a brave and righteous martyr to the cause. You'll just be someone hiding behind a lie to gain the benefits. The minute you open your mouth and say "I'm exempt", you're just lying straight away, if you genuinely don't have a condition. I tell the odd white lie, like if my Wife asks if her bottom has got bigger, but I don't advocate lying otherwise. In fact, I often fail at the white lie, which I pay for dearly.

Reasons to wear a mask

We've covered what not wearing a mask probably won't achieve and looked at exemption. But there are other reasons to wear a mask that are fundamental to being a human being. They are nothing to do with politics and nothing to do with the law.

I'm aware that some people are scared to death about Covid-19. It has caused a huge spike in anxiety and a deterioration in peoples mental health and wellbeing. Some of these people are clients. Some of them are under 30 years old and should have no reason to fear something to this extent. In fact, if you are healthy and under 60 you shouldn't fear it to the extent people do.

But there are also people that are scared to death of Spiders. So I don't throw a Tarantula on them when they arrive. Regardless of what I think, I have to show a level of respect to them and empathy. This has led to conversations and it's these conversations that lead to changing their beliefs and then their behaviour.

Wearing a mask has led to conversations with people which has resulted in them removing their mask, and me removing mine when I saw they were comfortable. That's how change happens. Not by screaming at someone in the supermarket in the fruit and veg aisle.

We also need to respect the owners of shops. They have customers across a broad spectrum of beliefs. Plus the law states what should happen when entering a shop. If you refuse to do so, you put the shop owner in a really difficult position. Life is hard enough for small business owners. I know plenty that don't want to enforce the wearing of masks, but they have to do so. Sonia Poulton brought this up herself during the interview.

Last but not least. There are people that probably should be worried about Covid-19. They should equally be worried about Flu. But they usually have a Flu Jab each year which now they have't got for this. They may also have a condition that makes them vulnerable. Now you can argue that they should stay out of the way for their safety, and we should have given more targeted protection to these groups instead of lockdown everyone. The trouble is, the government didn't and hasn't. They've used a sledgehammer approach to crack a nut and thrown away billions of pounds in the process. Either way, we are where we are. If my 99 year old soon to be 100 year old Grandad wants me to wear a mask, I'll wear it.

Are there better options to end this mass mask wearing manipulation?

Yes. One approach I have seen is the wearing of a badge. The suggested badge is the yellow smiley. I have already seen people ordering them and changing profile pictures over to that. The idea behind this is to have a statement, to show that you are doing it, but that you are not supportive of it and that you are complying because it's law. It also means that you can easily recognise everyone that feels the same way as you do when you're out and eventually the smiley faces may outweigh those not wearing them. It's a strong acknowledgement but avoids all the negative outcomes we have seen happening every day.

The other option that we touched on during The Raw Report is the creation of a set date. People need confidence that everyone would do something together. By setting a date, which could either be a day or a couple of days. People could do this on mass with the knowledge they wouldn't be alone.

The issue with this plan as opposed to the smiley, is that it doesn't address all the negatives that come with it. It will be demonised across the main stream media and on social media and could only strengthen the division. It may also add more fuel to the lockdown lovers and those that wish for higher penalties or restrictions.

What next?

Most of us are aware of some of the glaring contradictions that we see from the government and Sage. We all witnessed millions of unmasked people taking to the streets worldwide for BLM protests which resulted in no rise in Covid-19 infections or Covid-19 deaths. In fact it continued to fall. We then saw first hand the brutality and zero tolerance to peaceful lockdown protests. We were told these demonstrations would not be accepted as it would cause a spike in infections and deaths. It didn't and why would it if the larger BLM protests didn't?

My advice is as follows. Don't do nothing, just do something. Choose to do what you are comfortable with doing as much as or little as that may be. Rain may fall in small droplets that look insignificant. But all together they can create a devastating force of nature which uproots trees, causes landslides and washes whole towns away.

We should equally be careful about drawing a battle line which results in a complete non acceptance of those that are on your side and doing their own bit. You all agree in some way on what needs to be changed. So why make enemies of those that choose to fight in the way they want to. So what if one person doesn't want to go to London on a march and get their skull cracked in by the Met Police and thrown in a van. They are still part of the tiny droplets that eventually create a torrent of floodwater that moves entire towns aside.

I spend my time doing my bit spending hours on social media, writing this blog, coaching clients, speaking with friends and being interviewed by Sonia Poulton on The Raw Report. That's what I do.

Nothing will change if all you focus on, is either one thing a person doesn't do or how you are doing so much more than them.

You just stopped it from raining so hard.

If you'd like to watch the entire Raw Report on Brand New Tube then you can watch it via this link-

I'd like to take this time to say thank you to Sonia Poulton for inviting me to join her on the show. Please feel free to learn more about Sonia Poulton via her website by clicking HERE.

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