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Being Human in 2021

I want to start this blog with a quote that I recently heard from a soldier that I saw on a series about 911 and the war in Afghanistan. He was talking about his experience in the war and that someone had said the following words to him-

"If you have to make the choice between being a good soldier or a good human being, then choose to be a good human being". The whole series was quite difficult to watch, but this one quote summed up how we should think when difficult choices present themselves.

For me, 2020 and 2021 have been the most difficult years I have experienced. I have coped extremely well, because I am very resilient, but I don't think the majority of people are as resilient as I am, and I have seen many people suffering extremely badly.

The negative impact for me hasn't been because of Covid 19. What has impacted me is the decisions that have been made on our behalf. When I look across the UK and throughout many areas of the world, I have seen people choosing to be a good soldier as opposed to a good human being. This has been the most upsetting thing for me to witness. I'm always rooting for humans to do the right thing.

I saw another post on Twitter from a musician called Zuby, and he said something along the following lines, "It's not Covid 19 that has terrified me, it's the realisation that half the population would turn against me in an instant, based on what the government and MSM tells them to think".

Right now all of us have been subjected to a relentless stream of negative, coercive and divisive messages from government and MSM. This began in early 2020 and is still happening as I write this. We've read about this in history books, but it's very different reading about it than actually living it.

Fear is extremely powerful. You should never underestimate the power and control that someone gains from making people afraid. And you should never underestimate what people will do when they are afraid.

If you want to be a Human Being in 2021 then start by choosing to be a good human being. Spend less time listening to what you're told to think and believe and spend more time thinking about what you know it means to be a good human being and what doesn't make a good human being.

Do you think that being a good human being means you should feel distrust, anger or hatred towards others and encourage division in society? Does that sound like the advice you should be following?

I'm not a religious person, but I like to find inspiration and information from various sources. I read an article about how the Devil loves chaos and his primary tactic is to divide us. They say the word Devil can be translated from the Greek word for Devil, Diabolos. Which translated means To Divide, To Seperate or more literally, To Throw Against. Pope Francis has often spoken directly about this tactic in many of his addresses .

Being a good human being in 2021 will only be possible if we can all focus on what we know to be good in each of us. Be tolerant of other people's opinions. Preventing someone from speaking doesn't change what they think. All you do is shut down the opportunity to learn more about each other and find out things you share in common. There have been many occasions in my life where someone has had a difference of opinion with me, which became far less of an issue when they learned we both loved Dogs.


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