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Regrets. Make a new ending.

People talk about regrets. Things they've done they regret, things they didn't do that they regret. But will we only truly know the meaning of regret when we are moments from the end of life, when we look back over the life we had and realize that time wasn't infinite.

The Greek Gods were jealous of our mortality. For them, there was no end. So there was no way to feel the rush or passion for life when the life was never to end.

Sometimes I think that we haven't realized that we aren't Greek Gods. We occasionally get reminded of our mortality with a health scare to ourselves or those we love, or even the death of someone we know. But often this reminder is fleeting and the promises we make in that moment are soon forgotten and replaced with work, television and the daily routine we follow.

I felt that the attached video by Prince Ea was worthy of a share as it really encompasses the feeling behind Regret and how important it is to create a new ending to your Life as you won't get a chance to change the begining or the past. Whether you do anything about it is really your choice.

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