In this area you can download usefull documents and other fun things that you may find usefull. If you have any ideas for additional things you would like to see then please fill out a contact form and let me know.

Before coaching formally begins all clients need to read through the Coaching Contract that can be found on the link below. Once you have read through the contract it needs to be electronically signed by submitting your name, address, telephone number and contact email.

Below is a download of whats called "The Winners Credo". This is the core of Positive Change. It is the essence of positive life skills, and the credo of a no-limits person. It can be useful to have this displayed or kept somewhere to hand when you need reminding about positive change and how to think positively.

Below is a Daily Food Diary. If you are someone that is looking to try and identify exactly what you are consuming across a given period of days then please download this form. You can then print of as many copies as you wish for the number of days you wish to track your nutrition.

Below is a Life and Wellness Form. This is what I would normally use with a client at the outset to assess your current Life and Wellbeing and also just to find out general information about you. Feel free to downloand this form and fill it in as it can give you an overview of which areas in your life may be unbalanced